Company & Leadership

We are a privately held, global fintech company transforming corporate finance and treasury offices through our world-class products.

FinLync organically evolved from a series of partnerships among API developers, corporate treasurers, security consultants, and bank connectivity experts who took on the challenge of making corporate finance faster and more secure while also making it more streamlined and more intuitive.

FinLync’s largest clients include Fortune 2000 and Fortune 500 companies. The firm has employees from more than 20 different countries and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Portugal, and Singapore.


  • Phillip Ashley Klein

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Phillip leads FinLync’s extraordinary, industry-changing mission of delivering the ease, modernity, and speed of consumer banking to corporate treasuries around the world.

  • Peter Klein

    CTO and Co-Founder

    Peter is the original architect of FinLync’s full suite of ERP-native corporate banking applications and the BankLync API aggregator. He firmly believes the future of corporate banking is bringing end-to-end visibility into a singular ERP experience.

  • Marc Frenkel


    Marc’s charge is ensuring that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. He collaborates with product, marketing, sales and delivery to ensure that FinLync achieves its visionary potential.

  • Sarah Pease

    VP, Global Head of Marketing

    Sarah combines an entrepreneurial spirit and the design sensibility of a true creative to lead FinLync’s global marketing team. She firmly believes that innovation arises from learning lessons in one arena and applying them to another.

  • Alex Johnson

    Global Head of Sales

    Alex leads global sales at FinLync, bringing his extensive industry experience and passion for introducing disruptive technologies that change how companies can succeed. From showing companies how they can gain a competitive advantage to helping them understand how new technologies can increase operational efficiency and shareholder value, Alex believes harnessing innovative technologies like FinLync’s is the future of treasury.

  • Nuno Jonet

    Global Head of Product & Technology

    Nuno is a very experienced product management leader who has developed multiple product solutions in several industries. He is also an Agile methodologies enthusiast and a big supporter of the Open Banking movement and API-driven finance.

  • Renea Mahadeo

    Global Head of Delivery

    Renea drives the development of treasury and cash management applications all the way from inception to installation and makes sure FinLync clients get exactly what they need.

  • Kannan Udayasankar

    Head of Product Innovation

    Kannan is the engineering lead on BankLync, AWS, and SAP products.

  • Yan Gelman

    Head of People

    As Head of People, Yan brings his extensive experience in HR, his passion for creating processes and his experience building scalable organizations to FinLync. Yan has an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Business Administration from The Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Mitch Thomas

    Head of Solution Engineering - North America

    Mitch spearheads product development and educating clients on the various utilizations of banking APIs in treasury and how they can lead to drastically more efficient treasury processes.

  • Ivo Alejandro Mendoza Rocha

    Head of Product

    As an expert in both Treasury and Technology, Ivo manages the product roadmap at FinLync. Ensuring FinLync’s technology continues to lead the market in utilizing API technology to revolutionize the way treasury groups perform their day to day operations.

Board of Directors, Advisors and Strategic Investors

  • Anne Clarke Wolff

    Former Chairperson of GTS, Bank of America

  • Lisa Robins

    Former CEO, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered

  • Colin Anderson

    former CFO, Palantir

  • Chris Growney

    former Principal, Clearwater Analytics

  • Hans Morris

    Former President, Visa and Chairman, Lending Club

  • Tom Glocer

    former CEO, Thomson Reuters

  • Stephen Ellis

    former EVP Treasury, Wells Fargo

  • William Hockey

    Co-Founder and CTO, Plaid

Institutional Investors