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It’s simple: Connectivity with FinLync adds and improves your connections to your most valued clients.

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FinLync technology has changed the connectivity game for corporate treasurers and their banks. In a world that demands immediacy, FinLync leapfrogs legacy bank connections—SWIFT, host-to-host, batch file transfers—to directly embed account data, via your bank APIs, into any clients’ ERP platform, providing real-time visibility into account data and cash positions. No delays, no IT headaches, no risk. That’s why finance leaders in treasury, cash and FX are saying “Yes” to FinLync. When they do, will they find your bank?

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Benefits to Your Bank

The digital revolution is disrupting the conventional wisdom of treasury and banking. Today’s treasurers are under pressure to do more with fewer resources, and they are turning to leading technologies to provide greater speed, automation and security. And they expect their banks to do the same. With FinLync, banks win as well. Becoming a FinLync partner means:

  • More revenue opportunities. More clients, more accounts, more revenue. It’s a simple formula that FinLync facilitates by offering partners easier ways to connect to clients.
  • Lower costs. Becoming a FinLync partner is free. But the value continues: FinLync applications reduce both the costs and time spent onboarding new accounts.
  • Greater differentiation. Achieve distinction. Opening an avenue to real-time treasury, fast, gives you an immediate advantage over banks limited to legacy connectivity.
  • Offload IT burdens. FinLync does the heavy lifting, harmonizing your bank data for easy integration with the client’s ERP.
  • Improve client satisfaction. The sophisticated clients you want are attracted to sophisticated services. A FinLync partnership elevates your value, enabling the automated, real-time functionality contemporary treasurers want.
  • Increase your technology ROI. Have you already built APIs? That’s a good start—but remember, the connection cannot be complete until each client has the ability to accommodate your API with the end solution, an expensive process that can take months or years for a single API. FinLync eliminates this delay and expense, making your API immediately available—without new IT investment—for your clients.


Get Connected

It’s our job to build connections. FinLync will meet you where you are: If you have APIs, we increase the value of your investment. If you’re applying legacy technology (host-to-host), we have apps to improve that connectivity as well. Either way, FinLync increases your value to clients. Take the first step toward becoming a FinLync bank partner by contacting us for a conversation—it’s the first connection that can lead to more and better client connections for you.

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