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Bank of America

Last updated August 30, 2021

RatingBank StatusFinLync Integration StatusFinLync App
Payment StatusLive with client(s)Live with client(s)Status
Payment InitiationLive with client(s)Live with client(s)Payments
TransactionsLive with client(s)Live with client(s)BalancesForecastingReconciliation
BalancesLive with client(s)Live with client(s)AccountsBalancesForecasting
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2022 Bank API Power Rankings

Category Award Winner

Balances, Payment Initiation & Payment Status

FinLync Commentary

With its application of JSON request/responses and detailed response data, Bank of America has successfully applied modern design principles to its real-time balances and transactions APIs. Per best practices, transactions have unique identifiers to facilitate convenient reconciliation with client internal systems.

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