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Standard Chartered Bank

Last updated August 30, 2021

RatingBank StatusFinLync Integration StatusFinLync App
TransactionsLive with client(s)Live with client(s)BalancesForecastingReconciliation
Payment InitiationLive with client(s)Live with client(s)Payments
Payment StatusLive with client(s)Live with client(s)Status
BalancesLive with client(s)Live with client(s)BalancesForecasting
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2022 Bank API Power Rankings

Top Overall Award Winner

FinLync Commentary

Standard Chartered Bank's commitment to bringing the benefits of real-time treasury to their clients is evidenced in the open-banking platform they developed for transactions, payment initiation, payment status and balances. Its APIs embrace modern design requirements – including JSON requests/responses, JWT, mutual TLS, and PGP encryption – and provides detailed, real-time balance and transaction data. Transactions incorporate unique identifiers to make reconciliation with client data easier. Convenient sandboxes contain large volumes of client-specific data and payment APIs test the full flow with real, not “dummy” static, data. Corporate clients get real-time visibility with greater security, reduced delays, and a growing range of services.

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