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United Overseas Bank (UOB)

Last updated September 7, 2021

RatingBank StatusFinLync Integration StatusFinLync App
Payment InitiationIn progressIntegration in progressPayments
Payment StatusIn progressIntegration in progressStatus
TransactionsIn progressIntegration in progressBalancesForecastingReconciliation
BalancesIn progressIntegration in progressBalancesForecasting

FinLync API Rating System: 1=Not working; 2=Poor; 3=Average; 4=Good; 5=Excellent

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Bank APIs are added to the FinLync Bank API Catalog on an ongoing basis. Some APIs coming soon include Account Management, Account Fees, Virtual Accounts, Invoice Financing, Trade Finance and more. If you'd like to be notified when UOB adds new APIs, or when any of their ratings have changed, please complete the form below.