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FinLync for You: A Guide to FinLync at AFP 2021

Branson Low | October 27, 2021

Demos, Bank API Certification, Daily Recap Posts and Break Room 

Whether you are attending in-person or virtually, join FinLync at AFP booth 1717, and see how you can turn your treasury into the immediate decision-making machine you always knew it could be with your existing ERP technology, new finance Apps and bank API connectivity! 

From how Apps and bank APIs simplify your critical treasury processes, to ensuring you are always working with the most current data available, to the intrinsic value of data that is fully embedded with your ERP and banks in a completely secure manner that keeps you inside your core ERP and bank firewalls (No middleware! No portals! No bank files!), let FinLync show you how to transform your treasury in weeks. 


Spend 15 minutes to transform your treasury forever 

The talk is out there about how Apps and bank APIs can transform your treasury in the blink of an eye. But what does it really look like to do so? 

Spend 15 minutes with us at AFP and we’ll show you exactly how you can make your treasury future-proof. See how FinLync’s finance apps and bank API connectivity can transform your business with richer bank data on-demand and stronger security, install in weeks and gain a competitive advantage that will serve you for the long term.  Schedule a 15-minute virtual or in-person demo

Schedule a Bank Partner Demo at AFP 

FinLync Bank Partners gain competitive advantages, increase the value of existing client relationships, and grow their potential to acquire new clients. FinLync can launch your bank APIs in 30 days (versus 9-12 months) and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods (consulting or TMS applications). Schedule a 15-minute virtual or in-person demo during AFP to see how FinLync can support your bank’s unique needs. 


Key Insights, Every Day  

There’s so much going on at AFP that it can sometimes be hard to stay up-to-date on the issues and topics that are most important to you.  Rest easy, we’re going to make it easier for you to stay on top of the latest news coming out of AFP! 

Check out our Daily Recap emails and LinkedIn posts for insights on sessions that really matter to today’s treasury and finance professionals. We’re sending our expert team of specialists out to key sessions so we can report back to you the latest trends, issues and topics that make a difference to how you operate, issues you should consider, and hot topics in the industry. 

Not able to attend this year’s AFP? Our daily recap post is the perfect way to stay in-the-know even if you’re not attending. 


Intro to Bank APIs on-demand video course from FinLync and AFP

Get Bank API Certified by FinLync

APIs are all over the news, but there are key differences between general APIs and BANK APIs. Host-to-host connectivity is quickly becoming obsolete, giving way to bank APIs.  Do you know how bank APIs will change how treasury functions? 

Join us for this collaboration between FinLync and AFP to learn how Bank APIs can transform your business.  Take this video course online and in less than 30 minutes you can become a bank API expert.  Sign up here to take the course:  Get Bank API Certified here 


Break Room 

Ever want to take out your frustrations on the old technology that’s been hampering your business?  Now you can! 

Join us in our Break Room and smash away your frustrations!  Stop by Booth 1717 to take a turn in our Break Room or sign up here to schedule a time to smash your frustrations away:  Break Room 


Attending AFP in-person? Visit booth 1717 for a chance to win prizes, including a 3D printer and drone.