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Solutions for Corporates

Multiple partner banks, located globally, unfamiliar countries?

We are experts in global payment formats and XML industry standards ISO 20022.

We have worked with so many banks that we know most of their formats by heart.

Did you know, payment formats ultimately control what bank payment type that is being used and thus your bank fees!

Payment Messaging

Forget logging on to eBanking, do everything from your one ERP system.  

We are masters at integrating with banks all over the world.  eBanking, Host-to-Host, SFTP, API, web services, SWIFT...

Let us advise you how best to connect to SWIFT.

Service Bureau, Alliance Lite2 (AL2), Alliance Access, or SAP Multi-Bank Connector.

Connectivity and SWIFT

You can't really go wrong with an In-House Bank, unless you don't design and implement it correctly of course.


Centralise Global Liquidity

Reduce FX payments

Reduce bank costs

Centralise payments

Reduce fraud

Centralise collections

Standardise connectivity

Reduce message maintenance


The list goes on...

Payment Factory and In-House Bank

Did you know that API technology has made the daily bank statement redundant.

Why wait for loading of a complete bank statement file, when you can have real-time transactional clearing.


Reconcile collections and payable open items instantly, and realise your liquidity immediately.

Bank Reconciliation

Sent out a payment message to your suppliers and hoping for the best?

Monitor your payments in real-time and trigger automated alerts of rejection reasons to the responsible party.

By the way, SWIFT gpi now lets you monitor payments cross-border.  Let us integrate gpi to your SAP or ERP system.

Payment Status

Encryption, hashing, digital signing, hard tokens - we do it all. 


We validate your whole end-to-end channel to ensure no-one can change, inject or manipulate.

Send to however many groups of approvers needed, visibility all the way to the invoices in the batch.

Security and Approval

Customers pay with so many different payment types, card, cash, cheque, online, wire, direct debits, autopay....

We employ advanced algorithms and machine learning to automate clearing for AR, AP and GL



Make cash management decisions in the Trade Finance area based on your liquidity surplus or deficit,

Integrate to banks directly in all required formats for Export Collection, Receivables Financing, Supplier Financing and Letter of Credit.

Trade and Financing

Prudent risk management requires a holistic view of treasury risk.  Monitor trading credit limits, calculate market prices and sensitivities and perform portfolio monitoring.

Achieve compliance with hedge accounting standards such as IAS 39 and FAS 133.


Integrate with FIS or other Treasury systems.

Treasury and Risk Management

The account opening and closing process with your bank partners is changing.

Don't leave your ERP system anymore, but trigger opening requests directly from your single login.

With eBAM, send pre-filled electronic messages for new account opening and changes.

Bank Account Management

Mundane as it is, find out which of your bank partners is really charging you the most.

Track and easily break down all those hidden and consolidated bank charges from the bank statement.

Bank Fee


Get short-term, mid-term and long-term cash planning.

Cash visibility against AP and AR invoice lines.  Identify potential cash inflows from high risk customers from credit history.

Centralize data into a single view of cash to improve cashflow forecasting and gain real-time cash visibility



Treasurers expect the Finlync experience