How It Works

We take on the most burdensome aspects of treasury labor so that you and your team can focus on the most valuable strategic work. We offer a variety of applications that follow a common model of progress: Aggregate, Embed, Install & Interact, and Maintain.


FinLync applications not only liberate you from piecemeal data collection, they free you from painful IT barriers as well. Our apps automatically harmonize all incoming data from multiple banks into one standardized format ready for your ERP. The inputs are in real-time, the data is automatically formatted, and the process is secure—because transactions are made via the banks’ APIs, there is nothing between the banks and your ERP to intercept or compromise your data.

More benefits of multi-bank API connectivity

  • CFO

    Improved fraud protection; fewer software systems to support and budget for

  • Treasurer

    Clearly displayed multi-bank data in real-time

  • Treasury Team

    No more manual processes of collecting and combining bank data

  • IT

    Point-to-point communication provides more reliability, which reduces maintenance needs


We’ve done the hard work. Our applications are developed for plug-and-play installation, slashing implementation times. To accelerate data utility and reduce IT burdens, we map raw data to the appropriate categories within your ERP platform. All activity occurs within your firewalls for optimal security, and because of direct data embedding within your ERP, all your established authorizations remain effective, and do not have to be rebuilt to maintain collaboration.

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With FinLync

Without FinLync

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Treasury and the business are managed in the same system

  • Treasury Team

    Native access to key forecast inputs

  • Accounting

    Same-day reconciliation; faster issue resolution

  • IT

    Fewer systems and interfaces to manage

Install & Interact

Because FinLync applications leverage bank APIs, installation takes a matter of weeks, not years. Once deployed, our intuitively designed apps give your treasury team real-time visibility into your positions, and a way to instantly track payments


FinLync applications work with all versions of your ERP, eliminating painful back-end integration. We manage the upgrades, updates and bug-fixes for you; you enjoy a maintenance-free future.

More benefits of ERP-embedded apps

  • Assistant Treasurer

    Decreased reliance on IT for system maintenance

  • Treasury Team

    Software updates like new functions and formats occur automatically

  • IT

    Dramatically reduces ongoing maintenance

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