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SAP Certified


An ERP-native app that delivers a clean, unified view of all of your organization's bank accounts.

Finlync’s Accounts app can free your organization from the archaic practice of logging into multiple platforms with different IDs and tokens to manually access data which then gets manually transferred into reports.

Use the Accounts app with your existing SAP login to see:

  • all of your accounts and mandates
  • all signatories, authorized users, entitlements, and limits
  • contact details for all relationship managers

You can also:

  • structure accounts to optimize sweeps, borrrowing costs, and liquidity
  • structure the accounts of subsidiaries for better oversight
  • provision the app for internal audits and compliance checks

The FinLync Accounts app makes keeping tight control on all accounts easier than you ever thought possible.

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  • Native apps for Oracle and MS Dynamics coming soon.