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SAP Certified


An ERP-native app for approving all payments at all levels across all banks through a single SAP interface.

FinLync’s Approvals app can be used across all banks for any and all types of payments—GL, AP, AR, treasury, or payroll—all in a single SAP interface, using existing SAP logins and company codes.

You can set up flexible approval workflows for multiple groups at multiple levels on any SAP object. The app then uses those workflow rules to collate and group payment transactions and securely send them to the assigned approvers. Approvers receive push notifications alerting them to pending actions.

The app treats each payment instruction as its own workflow item in SAP so that the workflow rules reach all the way down to the transaction amounts.

If an approver rejects an item, there is an option to have the SAP payment document automatically reopen in accounting.

Authorized users can:

  • monitor and track all payment transactions
  • track approvals at all levels and see user timestamps
  • have full visibility all the way down to invoice level and bank details
  • set different levels of visibility for approvers at different levels

The Approvals app gives you precise control of the entire approval process so that you can design the best flow for your organization.

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  • Native apps for Oracle and MS Dynamics coming soon.