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SAP Certified


An ERP-native app that automates the generation of trade financing agreements that fit into any and all bank messaging formats.

FinLync’s Financing app enables your team to securely create, approve, receive, send, and track all manner of documents—including for receivables financing, supplier financing, trade financing, letters of credit, and bank guarantees — without ever leaving SAP.

FinLync’s Financing app makes it easy to:

  • automatically attach supporting files and data from within SAP
  • transmit documents securely using any bank-required format including SWIFT MT798, and API JSON
  • monitor the status of agreements and get instant notification upon execution

Because it is SAP-native, FinLync’s Financing app means never having to manually re-enter, export, or extract data into a third-party system in order to generate financing documents.

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  • Native apps for Oracle and MS Dynamics coming soon.