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SAP Certified


An ERP-native payment app that eliminates fraud by generating synchronized payment messages instead of payment files.

FinLync’s Payments app uses your existing SAP payment run and master data to initiate any and all forms of payment. And because it is SAP-native and sends synchronized messages instead of generating payment files, it eliminates the risk of fraud. This app leaves zero possibility for data being intercepted, manipulated, or injected.​

FinLync’s Payments app is also truly universal, as it:

  • supports all bank messaging formats across all countries and payment types including ACH, FASTER, domestic, cross-border, and checks for both individual and bulk payments
  • supports SWIFT, ISO20022 and JSON messaging formats
  • works with all secure forms of bank-specific communication such as OAuth, SSL and PGP encryption
  • can send payments to beneficiaries using proxy accounts​​

Because it is SAP-native, FinLync’s Payments app is faster and more secure than any other enterprise payment system on the market.

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  • Native apps for Oracle and MS Dynamics coming soon.