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Banks call for API standardisation at Sibos conference

FinLync cited as a solution to the standardisation problem

FinLync | October 12, 2022

API standardisation is “one key topic that remains to be addressed” in the effort to unlock instant treasury, said Christof Hofmann, global head of corporate cash management at Deutsche Bank, to the audience at Swift’s annual Sibos conference, which is taking place this week in Amsterdam.

“For corporates to embrace a full API strategy, they either need to do a lot of technical homework on their front to connect to all the different banks, or they need to work with API integrators,” he said.

Hofmann cited FinLync as an example of a fintech that is looking to address this problem. In May this year, Deutsche Bank partnered with FinLync to facilitate the adoption of Deutsche Bank APIs by corporate treasurers.

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