With our secure API aggregator, you gain a single endpoint for real-time connectivity to ALL your banks, regardless of data formats.

Building bank API connections has been difficult and expensive – until now

Eliminate the lengthy time, cost, and labor of building bank APIs in-house. FinLync’s multi-bank aggregator creates bank API connectivity, fast. Treasury teams and financial institutions know that bank APIs are the future of connectivity. Legacy connectivity, such as host-to-host, is too slow and insecure to meet today’s expectations for the pace of business. Despite the desire for API connectivity, treasury teams’ ambitions have been blocked by obstacles – until now.

Replacing Complexity with Simplicity

Eliminate the lengthy time, cost, and labor of building bank APIs in-house. FinLync’s multi-bank aggregator creates bank API connectivity, fast.

Normalizes data

Automatically normalizes and standardizes data. Each bank has its own data standards. Every API stream – from transactions to payments and trade finance– requires its own set of instructions running into hundreds of pages each. Building just one of these API connections can take years of work by dedicated IT specialists. Building multiple connections for multiple banks absorbs time and budget most companies are naturally reluctant to make. BankLync leapfrogs development complexity, automatically normalizing all incoming data from your banks into one single, standardized format that is simple to connect to.

greater security

Greater Security. Any bank API must run the gauntlet of corporate IT security standards – no treasury can connect to a bank API without IT approval. Before acceptance, the bank API must meet your company’s rigorous security protocols, such as the ability to sign the JSON web token with an X509 certificate. BankLync comes prebuilt with the most advanced security protocols, including end-to-end encryption of data at rest and in motion, accelerating corporate IT approval.

seamless integration

Seamless Integration. Bank data is only as valuable as its utility, and utility means direct integration with existing corporate systems like ERPs and data lakes. These integrations can be complicated – but without them, corporations and their treasury teams cannot extract the full value of their incoming bank data. From the start, BankLync was designed to easily integrate with existing systems, with end points that are simply plug-and-play, so you get all the bank data you need in real-time, without the connection headaches.

maintenance free

Maintenance-Free. There’s no time for broken bank connections in today’s treasury organizations. Finance teams are tested by mounting expectations and decreasing headcount; having to fix bank connections hijacks treasury’s already-limited time. BankLync takes on all bank API maintenance, including future API updates from your financial institutions, enabling treasury to focus on their most valuable strategic work.

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Common Questions about Bank API Aggregation

  • FinLync’s financial aggregation software has pre-built connections to more than 80 unique bank APIs – we are the authority on banking aggregation for corporate treasury and finance. Our list of bank partners is continually expanding based on our ever-growing client list and the banks they do business with and includes large multinational financial institutions and boutique banks from every corner of the globe. Visit our Bank API Catalog to see which financial institutions have selected FinLync to partner with for bank API aggregation. The Bank API Catalog is updated quarterly.

  • BankLync, the banking aggregator for corporate treasury and finance, is available as an on-prem or cloud-based installation, and also offers a Partner Cloud option. FinLync manages all technology upgrades and subsequent updates – in formats and security protocols – automatically.  

  • Treasury teams are actively advancing to bank API connectivity today because they recognize that banking aggregation in the form of APIs is a game-changer. Some organizations choose to go all-in on bank APIs at once, and others choose to slowly phase-in bank API connectivity one bank at a time. Either way, BankLync and FinLync are there to support you.

  • BankLync provides pre-built bank API connections, fast enabling any organization to . Bank API connectivity can solve countless common treasury headaches, including missing, delayed or failed payments, incomplete cash visibility, complicated connectivity architecture and time-consuming reconciliation.