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FinLync for Developers

Replace complex bank connectivity with one real-time API for multiple banks, multiple accounts, multiple data formats.

Real-time bank connectivity simplified

Legacy bank connectivity has been an impediment to treasury and a burden to developers. Treasurers have been frustrated by slow file transfers and the lack of real-time data. Developers have been responsible for constructing separate means of connectivity for each bank, or even each bank account, all with data formats that need reconciliation before integration.

BankLync, FinLync’s multi-bank aggregator slices through the Gordian Knot of bank data integration, serving as a simple way to integrate the accounts treasury needs into the systems, such as ERPs and TMSs, that treasury uses every day.


One and done

Instead of multiple tasks, developers just have one. The FinLync multi-bank aggregator creates one manageable endpoint for all your banks and accounts.

Easy data management

BankLync automatically normalizes and standardizes incoming data, making integration a smooth and seamless process. All data types – including cash positions, account transactions, fund transfers, and more – are organized within one centralized data lake your systems can easily access.

Your systems, your choices

BankLync is system agnostic. Our APIs function with any ERP or TMS you may have, and we can support development on-premise or in the cloud.

Prebuilt security

API connectivity is inherently more secure than file transfers via host-to-host protocols. In addition, BankLync is prebuilt with the most advanced security protocols, including end-to-end encryption of data at rest and in motion.

Get Access

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