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Sap app suite

FinLync’s SAP-native apps solve problems from the inside out. For speed, security and total data integration, being embedded in the ERP is the most advantageous solution for treasury teams.

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Many Choices, Shared Virtues

Access to on-demand, real-time bank data gives you visibility into all cash positions and facilitates precise forecasting. 

Legacy bank connections—SWIFT, file transfers—frustrate the ability to get precise account data when you want it: in real time, not on the banks’ schedules. Bank portals require separate screens, physical tokens and logins for each bank, increasing the work necessary for importing, integrating and analyzing your data. FinLync’s SAP-Native Apps for Balances and Forecasting slash through the technology obstacles, providing:

  • Immediate, secure embedment of bank data into your SAP
  • Consolidated, global, multi-bank visibility in one central place
  • Refresh bank data as frequently as desired
  • Powerful analytics for cash positions, liquidity and currency exposures
  • Easily slice and dice data on the fly by region, currency, company codes and more
  • Quick install, no professional services required

Cash diagram
Don’t just automate reconciliation, accelerate it.

For accounting, few things are as labor-intensive as the reconciliation of transactions and the general ledger. It means drawing timely data from many sources and investigating any exceptions that may arise. FinLync’s SAP-Native apps begin reconciling the moment a debit or credit hits your bank account – no more waiting on a bank statement or manual file imports. FinLync’s matching engine is self-learning. As items are posted and exceptions are resolved, the app picks up the subtle differences and applies them to all future transactions. With FinLync, you can:

  • Leverage 100% of the data needed to maximize clearing of open items
  • Begin reconciling the moment a transaction occurs
  • Eliminate complicated rules configuration and reliance on IT
  • Post automatically to the GL
  • Accelerate financial close, free up credit limits the moment customer payments are received, release shipments faster and free up credit
  • Quick install, no professional services required

Initiate global payments quickly, reduce fraud exposure and prove beneficiary receipt.

Legacy payment workflows among various people and places can introduce unwanted anxiety about payments status, and unwanted opportunities for fraud. FinLync SAP-Native apps reduce vulnerability and provide instant, end-to-end traceability of your payment, just like a package tracker. With FinLync, treasury teams get:

  • Initiate instant and real-time urgent payments
  • Instant, end-to-end monitoring and tracking of payment transactions, including critical treasury payments
  • Total confidence thanks to a proof of receipt
  • Payments automatically routed via the fastest payment path available in country
  • Opt to deliver beneficiary notifications
  • Fees exposed at each payment step
  • Quick install, no professional services required

Payments diagram
Centralize account access to eliminate multiple logins, IDs, and tokens.

Managing multiple access lists, identifications and physical tokens across multiple accounts is a time drain and increases the risk of fraud for treasury. FinLync SAP-Native Apps eliminate the authorization clutter, using established SAP permissions to give appropriate parties easy access to all bank account data. FinLync streamlines your workload by:

  • Giving you one login access to all your accounts and mandates
  • Simplifying data access security through pre-built bank APIs
  • Leveraging existing SAP rules for authorizations, signatories, entitlements, and limits
  • Maintaining contact records for all relationship managers and authorized users

Bank account management diagram

Our full suite of sap-native apps

  • Balances

    Bank data on-demand, all in one centralized place, easily slice & dice data on the fly

  • Reconciliation

    Unrivaled matching accuracy, automatic GL posting, no more rules configuration

  • Payments

    Instant, end-to-end payment tracking, just like a package tracker, proof of receipt

  • Accounts

    Centralized view of all global banks, centrally manage signatories and mandates, account status, entitlements and limits

  • Status

    Step-by-step payment tracking from origination to final beneficiary, proof of receipt, detailed reject reasons

  • Approvals

    Adopts existing ERP levels and authorization limits, visibility down to invoice amounts

  • Forecasting

    More-precise forecasting leveraging up-to-the-minute available balances and all AP, AR and GL data

  • MyLync

    Customizable dashboard with real-time data

How it Works

We take on the most burdensome aspects of treasury labor so that you and your team can focus on the most valuable strategic work.


We’ve done the hard work. Our applications are developed for plug-and-play installation, slashing implementation times. To accelerate data utility and reduce IT burdens, we map raw data to the appropriate categories within your SAP system. All activity occurs within your firewalls for optimal security, and because all bank data embeds within your ERP, all your established authorizations remain effective, and do not have to be rebuilt to maintain collaboration.

Achieve total data integration with embedded apps


FinLync applications not only liberate you from piecemeal data collection, they free you from painful IT barriers as well. Our apps automatically harmonize all incoming data from multiple banks into one standardized format ready for your ERP. The inputs are in real-time, the data is automatically formatted, and the process is secure—because transactions are made via the banks’ APIs, there is nothing between the banks and your ERP to intercept or compromise your data.

Learn why multi-bank API connectivity is superior

Install & Interact

Because FinLync applications leverage bank APIs, installation takes a matter of weeks, not years. Once deployed, our intuitively designed apps aren’t just user-friendly, they encourage greater productivity. FinLync apps anticipate the needs of both regular and intermittent users, enabling hands-on engagement without requiring training.

-Download apps and guides from the FinLync portal and import them into your SAP environment, maintaining basic configurations

-Assign user roles to existing SAP authorizations, test and go live!

-Freed from the complexity of antique interfaces, your team will actually enjoy working in our beautifully designed apps


FinLync applications work with all versions of SAP, eliminating painful back-end integration. We manage the upgrades, updates and bug-fixes for you; you enjoy a maintenance-free future.

Ready to see FinLync in action?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Native apps are a type of software that installs directly into an existing software system so you can perform specific tasks. In our personal lives, nearly everyone already uses native apps on their smartphones – iPhone apps are iOS-native apps, and Android apps are Android-native. But apps aren’t limited to just phones, they can install into all kinds of software systems, like your company’s ERP. FinLync offers treasury apps that are SAP-native and allow you to perform liquidity management right inside your existing ERP.

  • FinLync’s SAP apps works seamlessly with most versions of SAP, including all ECC 6.0 versions as far back as EHP4 and all S/4HANA versions.

  • The FinLync suite of apps is built for simplicity from the ground up. FinLync code is the same code in both S4 and ECC systems so no migration is required and apps function as expected following the system upgrade. For green-field S4 implementations, the same transports used in your ECC system can be installed in S4, and you are ready to go.

  • FinLync code is deployed in all instances of SAP and relevant setup is done for relevant companies and accounts in that system. Each system takes less than 1 hour. All of these systems are linked to a single front end SAP system via RFC connections. The end result is a centralized view where your organizational operations can be displayed and managed.

  • No additional SAP modules are required for FinLync applications. You do not need the SAP treasury module.