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Truly Intuitive Design

At FinLync, we believe in great design. A genuinely intuitive interface isn’t just user-friendly, but encourages greater productivity. FinLync apps anticipate the needs of both regular and intermittent users, enabling hands-on engagement without requiring training.


Antique interfaces inhibit productivity and employee experience


Contemporary, intuitive design enables deep dives with minimum clicks

  • Treasurer

    No need to exit your ERP; promotes rapid onboarding, easy engagement for infrequent users

  • Assistant Treasurer

    More intuitive interface means less training (initial and ongoing)

  • Treasury Team

    Increased productivity: less fussing and training to learn the interface, or seeking help with recalling complex functions

  • IT

    Fewer support calls; less need for documentation

Process Comparison: Promoting Productivity

Without FinLync

With FinLync

  • Without FinLync Step 1

    Not easy to navigate; functionality and buttons both require memorization and ongoing training

    With FinLync Step 1

    Intuitive design makes it easy to onboard/train new employees

  • Without FinLync Step 2

    Report-writer tools (often third-party) sit on top of data, preventing full drill-down into specific details within the summary data

    With FinLync Step 2

    Double-click into data—reporting is natively built as part of the solution allowing clients full drill-down capabilities into the details

  • Without FinLync Step 3

    Third-party reporting tools require significant configuration to adjust how data is displayed

    With FinLync Step 3

    Reporting and charts are native to the FinLync applications and are easily configured on the fly

  • Without FinLync Step 4

    Screen swivel and log in/out between your ERP and legacy treasury system or Excel

    With FinLync Step 4

    Because FinLync is an ERP-native app, users do not have to leave the ERP to complete their tasks

Ready to See FinLync in Action?

Good Design Drives Productivity

  • A hallmark of legacy treasury technologies is an awkwardly-designed interface designed more for IT staff than for treasury professionals. Without an inherently intuitive design, these tools require extensive training for regular users, and are nearly impossible for infrequent users like executives. 

    Good design leads to better outcomes. That’s why FinLync holds design to the highest standards, creating user-friendly intuitive interfaces based on the real needs of treasurers and their colleagues. Without training, users can probe deeply into the data with just a few clicks; recognition, rather than recall, drives usability. Freed from complexity, users will find the apps easy, encouraging collaboration.