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It’s about time
for real-time bank data

Consumers don’t accept anything less than real-time bank data. Why should corporate treasury?

Bank data on-demand

Access real-time available balances on your schedule, not the bank’s. Refresh bank data as frequently as desired.

All in one central place

Our single gateway displays up-to-the-second bank data for all your banks and accounts in one central place.

Easily slice & dice data

Search your transaction history of debits and credits, drill into reports and configure new ones on the fly.

Faster, more precise decisions

Base decisions on up-to-the-moment data, not on yesterday’s statements. Reduce manual labor, decrease errors, and make decisions faster and more frequently.

  • CFO

    Instant access to available cash balance data supports strategic actions, like M&A, greater agility and reduced vulnerability to fraud.

  • Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer

    Improve treasury KPIs; reduced reliance on IT.

  • Treasury Team

    Eliminates bank file management and frees up to focus on higher value activities.

  • IT Team

    Reduces vulnerability to fraud, Eliminates the need to manage bank format changes.

Complete Cash Visibility is
available with

FinLync Treasury Apps for SAP

  • Secure inside your SAP
  • Quick installation
  • Truly intuitive design
  • No professional services
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  • Pre-built bank API connections
  • Single endpoint for multiple banks
  • Connects to any ERP, TMS, Data Lake, Payroll or existing system
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Ready to see FinLync in action?

End the limitations and manual processes that compromise your cash position

  • FinLync lets you access real-time available balances on your schedule, not the bank’s.  Our single gateway displays up-to-the-second bank data for all your banks and accounts in one central place.

    You can refresh the data in one click whenever you want, as many times a day as you need – and view transactions as they occur, including customer collections, all in real-time, further optimizing your liquidity management.


  • Eliminate the need for bank portals and all those tokens.  With FinLync, you can track balances over time and historical flows, and easily search for a specific payment from your recent transactions.

    No more chasing down missing bank statements or waiting for statements to load.  No more sifting through batched statements to find a particular transaction.

  • With the most-precise data at your fingertips, you can truly take advantage of every opportunity to optimize your cash:

    • Identify and invest excess cash – including that big wire that arrived late this afternoon,
    • Pay down debt,
    • Reduce bank fees,
    • Borrow more precisely,
    • And react quickly in the face of a crisis


  • FinLync automatically normalizes the data for you – regardless of the various bank formats and API messages – across all bank APIs and delivers it as a single standardized gateway.  You choose which systems to connect.

    Your real-time bank data can be delivered to existing systems like your ERP, TMS, Data Lake, Payroll or BI systems.

    For companies running SAP, you can opt for FinLync’s app Balances app for SAP.

    All upgrades and bank format changes are managed for you, and you can easily add new account currencies, regions, company accounts and banks.

    So you retain all the connections you need, without having to manage the connectivity.

  • Because of how FinLync works, it reduces your reliance on IT and mitigates vulnerability to fraud, freeing you up to work on higher value activities so you can be a more strategic partner to the business.