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Replace complexity with simplicity

Eliminate complicated connectivity architecture with a single, standardized endpoint to all your banks and PSPs

Simplify connectivity

FinLync provides a single, standardized endpoint that connects all your global banks directly to your existing systems.

Switch on new payment types, fast

All the connections you need for banks and PSPs are pre-integrated. No data mapping to different bank messaging formats or worrying about what varying data standards to use like MT or ISO.

Access bank data in real-time

Getting up-to-the-second bank data reduces manual labor, decreases errors, and improves the decision-making abilities of treasury and those who depend on it.

Mitigate fraud vulnerability

Pre-built bank API connections have the most-advanced security protocols, including end-to-end encryption, eliminating highly vulnerable file-based connectivity.

  • CFO

    Access to real-time cash balances supports strategic actions, like M&A, greater agility and reduced vulnerability to fraud

  • Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer

    Fewer systems to pay for and maintain, decrease reliance on IT

  • Treasury Team

    Begin work on your schedule, not the bank’s; Free up time to spend on higher-value activities

  • IT Team

    Greater protection against fraud, fewer systems to maintain

Simplified connectivity is
available with


  • Pre-built bank API connections
  • Single endpoint for multiple banks
  • Plug and play to existing systems
  • Available for any ERP
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