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Rapid Onboarding

New treasury technology should bring new opportunities, not new headaches. FinLync’s ERP-native applications leapfrog development and implementation obstacles to increase the value of your ERP while reducing the number of systems needed to run treasury, fast.


Slow, expensive implementations drain already-strained treasury and IT resources


Rapid installation directly within your ERP

  • CFO

    More-precise analytics resulting in more-informed decisions and faster time-to-value

  • Treasurer

    No implementation expenses; accelerated connectivity and utility

  • Assistant Treasurer & Team

    Less time and effort wasted with setup

  • IT

    No legacy TMS installation burdens; ERP embedment means much of the work is already done

Process Comparison: Implementation

Without FinLync

With FinLync

  • Without FinLync Step 1

    As you complete the software contracting process, you’ll also need to select, vet and contract with third-party implementation partners

    With FinLync Step 1

    Download apps from FinLync app store and import to ERP environment

  • Without FinLync Step 2

    Business process review and redesign

    With FinLync Step 2

    Security configuration

  • Without FinLync Step 3

    Functional requirements: gathering and data analysis

    With FinLync Step 3

    Test your FinLync app(s)

  • Without FinLync Step 4

    Proof of concept

    With FinLync Step 4

    Go live!

  • Without FinLync Step 5

    Training and documentation process

  • Without FinLync Step 6

    Data input and reconciliation

  • Without FinLync Step 7

    User security configuration

  • Without FinLync Step 8

    Parallel testing

  • Without FinLync Step 9

    Go live module by module

Ready to See FinLync in Action?

More About Rapid Onboarding

  • As a treasurer, you know the legacy technology drill: Draft requirements, consult with IT, cope with lengthy budget cycles, then sit and wait. Implementing legacy treasury technology is slow, expensive and a burden on already strained resources that would be better spent on day-to-day operations and forward-thinking initiatives. Too often, after all the wait and worry, the resulting implementation is neither what was promised nor expected. 

    Skip the development, skip the implementation. Because FinLync technologies are ERP-native applications, they simply install into your ERP, instantly and automatically adopting all the user structures, entity structures, authorizations, log-ins and security that are already baked into your ERP. Our bank connections are both prebuilt and pretested using APIs for plug-and-play convenience and speed. Instead of enduring a nine- to 12-month black hole of development delays and costs, FinLync gets you up and running in no time at all.