Total Data Integration

FinLync eliminates the gaps and friction between your fundamental business platformyour ERPand the bank data you rely upon, eliminating manual work-arounds while improving accuracy and speed.


Disconnected data obstructs treasury, creates vulnerabilities.  Connections between bank data and ERPs have long been a weak point for treasury. Work-around bridges and connectors from third parties are vulnerable to hacking, and inconsistencies in format demand laborious cut-and-paste work for treasury, inhibiting day-to-day progress. Worse yet, key decisions are made based on stale and disconnected data.


Direct connectivity for deep integration.  As an ERP-native app, FinLync leaps over the limitations of legacy technology, embedding incoming multi-bank data directly into your system of record. Removing the barriers between the ERP and banks opens new doors for analysis, and data harmonization reduces manual tasks, allowing treasury to focus on its core work.  


  • CFO

    Reduced vulnerability to fraud and reduced number of software systems to maintain and pay for

  • Treasurer

    Enhanced standardized analytics across banks to support better strategic decision-making

  • Assistant Treasurer

    One centralized data location; no broken connections; no manual importing/exporting; greater visibility into cash positions

  • Treasury Analyst

    Avoid copy-and-paste work, easier and faster issue resolution; focus on higher-value activities

  • IT

    Eliminates maintenance/repairs of data connections

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Process Comparison: Bank Balance and Transaction Integration

Without FinLync

With FinLync

  • Without FinLync Step 1

    Transaction occurs on account

    With FinLync Step 1

    Transaction occurs on account

  • Without FinLync Step 2

    Transaction and balance information included in scheduled file creation at a predefined time

    With FinLync Step 2

    Real-time balance and transaction information brought into ERP

  • Without FinLync Step 3

    File moved to an accessible directory

    With FinLync Step 3

    Decision based on up-to-the-minute information for all banks across all geographies

  • Without FinLync Step 4

    Middleware picks up and moves file to corporate network or downloaded manually

  • Without FinLync Step 5

    Bank file loaded or bank information input into book of record system

  • Without FinLync Step 6

    Decision is made using information from multiple data sources with various levels of accuracy and timeliness

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