An ERP-native app that makes it possible to track payments as easily as you track a FedEx package.

FinLync’s Status app allows you to track payments with true end-to-end visibility all the way down to the transaction level. Since the payments originate in SAP, so do the original payment references known as end-to-end IDs.


With the FinLync Status app, you’ll be able to see:

  • exactly where the payment is at every step of the process

  • reasons for any rejections that might come up along the way

  • constantly updated bank fee information 


Things you definitely will not miss:

  • logging into multiple bank portals or systems to track a payment

  • phone calls and emails about late or rejected payments

  • wondering where the money is


The FinLync Status app means constantly updated, end-to-end visibility across all banks and all borders.