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Bank API Certification Course

Get bank API-certified in 30 minutes or less. In this free, on-demand course, you will learn the fundamentals of bank APIs: what they are, why they matter, and how to make them work for you. Upon completion of the test, participants will receive a digital badge confirming their status as FinLync Bank API Certified.

Who the “Introduction to Bank APIs for Treasury & Finance” Course Is For

Today, bank connectivity is moving beyond batch file transfers to embrace the speed and convenience of the modern bank API. This course is suited for:

  • Treasury leaders & practitioners
  • Finance leaders & practitioners
  • Junior treasury associates
  • Bank sales professionals
  • Bank product professionals


What You’ll Learn

You can be Bank API-certified in under 30 minutes. In this course, you’ll cover:

  • What an API is
  • Differences between bank APIs and other bank connections
  • What bank APIs are used for in treasury and finance
  • How to connect with bank APIs
  • Benefits of bank API connectivity

Course Details

Designed with busy professionals in mind:

  • Free
  • On-demand at your own pace
  • Watch a series of on-demand videos, total run time is 15 minutes
  • Certification test is estimated to take 15 minutes or less
  • Upon passing the test, participants will receive a digital badge and certificate confirming their status as FinLync Bank API Certified to post on LinkedIn and add to their resume
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FAQ about the Course

  • According to a recent report from The Hackett Group , bank APIs are recognized as the cornerstone of modern treasury, and are quickly rendering legacy connectivity channels like SWIFT, host-to-host and SFTP obsolete. While consumer finance has leveraged bank APIs for years, the technology is just dawning in the corporate finance arena.

    In the face of digital acceleration, ERPs moving to the cloud and the explosion of big data, treasury and finance professionals are expected to stay on the cutting edge of technological advances in their field, and bank API connectivity is a critical tool that will change the way the industry works.

    Corporate treasury practitioners around the globe are advancing to real-time treasury and understand that multi-bank API connectivity is the lynchpin to achieving digital transformation. Likewise, consultants and advisors who work alongside practitioners are also e

    But it’s not just corporate treasury teams that can benefit from being certified in bank APIs. Bank sales teams and product professionals at banks can also benefit from a clear understanding of bank APIs, how they are different from legacy connectivity, and what benefits they bring to the table.

    For all of these groups, getting certified in bank APIs illustrates your desire to develop new skills and build expertise. Your achievements will showcase your desire to remain on the cutting edge of technology for treasury & finance.

  • FinLync is the authority in corporate bank APIs for treasury and finance. Offering the highest number of bank API connections globally, we also publish the Bank API Catalog for use by the finance community. We are recognized globally as the experts in this field by trusted publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, AFP, The Hackett Group, Strategic Treasurer among others.

  • Show the world you are knowledgeable about bank APIs. Grow your career and help your organization improve by completing this free certification and sharing the badges and certificate to your LinkedIn profile. Those who pass the assessment are encouraged to add their qualifications to their resume/CV to signal to your current and future employers that you are a forward-thinker that embraces change and new technologies. Top companies are actively recruiting for talent that will keep their teams competitive and the best-in-class. And since those that learn together grow together, we encourage you to invite your colleagues to take the course at the same time.

  • Becoming bank API certified is easy. Simply watch the series of on-demand videos and then take the test at the end. We estimate the videos will take about 15 minutes to watch, and are split into chapters so they can be done in shorter sittings if needed. You can leave and return to the course between sessions. The assessment at the end is open-book, and can be re-taken should you fail to pass the first time. Once you’ve passed the test, you will receive your official FinLync Bank API Certificate via email within 72 business hours.