Say goodbye to legacy
treasury technology.
Forward-thinkers use FinLync

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We're happy to be working with FinLync and our major bank partners to implement the latest API technology for bank connectivity instead of file-based host-to-host or Swift connections. We all want to stop using our various online banking portals (and all those tokens!) and we feel that APIs are the only confident way to achieve this. If you couldn't tell, we're very excited about using FinLync.

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How Treasury Uses FinLync

Common Questions about FinLync

  • FinLync offers two products:

    A suite of specialized apps for corporate treasury that embed inside your ERP, much like an app embeds into your smartphone. Our treasury app suite for SAP includes a variety of tools including Balances, Reconciliation, Payments, Cash Forecasting and more. The entire suite is powered by multi-bank API connectivity so your bank data is delivered in real-time.

    Our other offering, BankLync, is our multi-bank API aggregator. Ideal for companies who don’t use SAP as their ERP, who have a multi-ERP environment, or for those with a data lake, a data warehouse, or an in-house API gateway, but still want to advance to getting their bank data on-demand. BankLync pipes in real-time bank data from all of your organization’s various banks safely and securely. No need to worry about maintaining the bank API connections, FinLync takes care of that for you.

  • FinLync is used by forward-thinking corporate treasury teams around the world, from Fortune 2000 organizations to medium enterprises looking to replace their spreadsheet-based treasury processes.

    Organizations that are undergoing digital transformation projects, a change in leadership at the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer or CFO level, moving their ERP to the cloud – especially SAP S/4HANA upgrades – or companies undergoing rapid growth are well positioned to advance to real-time treasury with FinLync.

    FinLync is also used by software platforms and networks that need access to corporate bank data. Our multi-bank, global API connectivity provides plug-and-play access and eliminates any bank connectivity maintenance headaches.

  • Experts like Strategic Treasurer and The Hackett Group agree that legacy connectivity channels like host-to-host are quickly becoming obsolete and will be replaced by bank API connectivity. Consumer finance has been leveraging bank APIs for years thanks to consumer bank API aggregators like Plaid and MX. Corporate finance bank APIs are significantly more complex than consumer bank APIs so corporations who wish to advance to real-time bank data are turning to FinLync to deliver plug-and-play bank API connectivity.